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Bluberri Cottage is a New England Ragdoll Cattery located near Foxwoods Casino, Mystic, Ct and the beaches of Westerly, RI.". The Cottage has placed Ragdoll kittens in homes throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York,New Jersey, Delaware and a few other states within driving distance. I am a small hobby breeder whose goal is to produce beautiful, amiable, gentle cats with a puppy-like, best friend personality. I'm proud to say that kittens bred at Bluberri Cottage are sucessfully filling this need and that I have had many happy customers who, after deciding that one was not enough, have returned for a second or third kitten .

Bluberri Cottage Molly With Her Best Friend, New Jersey

Growing up on my grandparents farm and spending each summer weekend at dog shows throughout New England has given me the opportunity to handle many animals from different backgrounds and temperaments. I KNOW the importance of early socialization, therefore, my kittens' inborn desire for human attention is reinforced DAILY from birth with lots of handling, cuddles, and kisses. As soon as the kittens are stable on their feet, they are given free roam of the house to mingle and play with my three active dogs and to gain exposure to all household noises and distractions. You will find when you bring your new baby home that he/she will adjust to your family very quickly and is very puppy-like in his/her desire for human companionship and closeness to You!

Bluberri Cottage Hailey & Kobi , Delaware

I consider it an honor to help responsible families from all walks of life to obtain their new companion, as I realize how important that decision is!! You can feel confident adopting from Bluberri Cottage as I only BREED quality, FEED quality, and keep a CLEAN environment! All play a part in the total effort to give YOU many happy years of owning a healthy, gorgeous, sweet-tempered companion that you can show off with pride!!!


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